Jenn Legnini | Owner & Chef

Jenn was born and raised on the original Turtle Rock Farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She attended Lafayette College and received a BA in Art, with an emphasis in painting and graphic design. After graduating from school, Jenn moved to Montana and began channeling all of her creativity into the culinary arts. During this time, she also worked for the Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE), a sustainable ranching and farming non-profit organization in Livingston, Montana, where she helped to launch the Montana Farm to Restaurant Connection. While working to connect farmers and restaurants, Jenn quickly realized the importance of the farm to kitchen movement and chose to attend culinary school at the Farm to Table Culinary Arts Program at the Escoffier School in Boulder, Colorado.

Jenn moved to Maine in 2012, after a trip to visit her ancestors in the Abruzzo province of Italy. While in Italy,  Jenn observed how small villages were able to produce for the entire community and how this production both supported the local economy and buoyed a sense of community and camaraderie. Upon arriving in Maine, Jenn apprenticed for a year at Laughing Stock Farm in Freeport and later worked for Left Field Farm  in Bowdoinham. As Jenn developed relationships with several local farmers, she knew that she wanted to do her part to help strengthen the local economy. Inspired by the strong communities in Italy, Jenn set out to create products that would be sourced seasonally and locally from Maine farmers. The result was Turtle Rock Farm – a company dedicated to creating local, nutritional, and flavorful products for Maine communities to enjoy.


Samantha moved from North Carolina to attend college at the University of New Hampshire where she study Environmental Conservation. She caught the cooking bug while studying abroad in New Zealand and preparing a Thanksgiving feast with friends. Later she worked at Woodman Horticultural Research Farm, part of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station, eating her fair share of summer peaches and fall apples. 

Fresh out of college, she took an apprenticeship at Laughing Stock Farm, an organic vegetable farm in Freeport. Here she met and worked with Jenn where they bonded over many hours of cutting greens, digging potatoes, and weeding carrots. They talked about good food and shared beloved cookbooks, all while dreaming up their future canning projects. 

Sam is a certified Master Food Preserver and volunteers with UMaine's Cooperative Extension to educate the public about food safety and home food preservation. When she's not working, she enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and exploring the islands of Coastal Maine. She lives in the woods of Durham and is looking forward to a summer of canning.